PS5 Coming Out, Should I get a PS4 Pro in 2020?

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Should I get a PS4 Pro in 2020?
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Sony has traveled a long journey in the gaming industry, they have proven his strength through his flagship console system – PlayStation. Through various flagship gaming system innovations – PlayStation, Sony is able to prove its capacity as one of the most ambitious companies in the video game industry. And not felt, after almost 3 decades, the fifth generation, PS5 is coming out.

Should I get a PS4 Pro in 2020?
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Some of the demos displayed by Sony in relation to the ps 5 trailer console look very up-to-date, where the rational console prototype referred to as “PlayStation 5” is seen capable of loading times nearly 15 times that of PlayStation 4. Mak Cerny as the PlayStation architect has given a description of ps 5 specs.

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Through an exclusive Sony event in Japan, he showed a video showing how powerful the performance of the PlayStation 5 is. Taking Marvel’s Spider-Man as the basis, PlayStation 5 is able to show a loading speed & rendering time a dozen times faster than PlayStation 4 Pro. Mochizuki also attached a document that showed a much of capabilities in the PlayStation 5, like 8K support, ray tracing, backward compatibility, SSD, and also 3D audio.

The sounds very ambitious and certainly capable of creating hype, especially if offered price is also proven to be “friendly”, of course, it will become a crazy revolutionary breakthrough.

But while waiting for it, of course, we are still struggling with the fourth generation – PlayStation 4, which is now at the end of its age. After nearly 7 years of accompanying all of us, it doesn’t feel like he will be replaced by his fifth generation. However, Now PS5 release, Should I get a PS4 Pro in 2020?

With this question and the current situation, we are very sure to call it “still very worth it!”, Why? Here are the following reasons.

Sony Make Sure Support Playstation 4 Until 2022

The transition period is always encountered when console current-gen is about to be replaced by console next-gen, and Sony always seems to understand that. When PlayStation 4 first launched, did the previous generation – PlayStation 3 die immediately? of course not.
There is always a transition period where Sony continues to provide service & support for the previous generation consoles, and that will also apply when the PlayStation 5 launches. Even Sony itself has also confirmed that it will continue to provide support for the console with game updates and release facilities, at least until the coming 2022, so you don’t need to worry about the guarantee of support. So, ps4 pro worth it!

Line Up Ambitious for PlayStation 4

As in the previous point, Sony provides support for the Playstation 4 at least until the coming 2022. As concrete evidence, they have confirmed that their line of ambitious line-ups such as Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of us Part 2, and even Final Fantasy VII Remake will continue to be present for PlayStation 4. These titles have been anticipated will enter PlayStation 5, but Sony has confirmed that the line up will still be there for Playstation 4.

Death Stranding itself as an opening has got a definite release date that falls in November this year. Most likely, if the four titles we mentioned will be released on PlayStation 5 later, the game will be listed as a cross-platform game during the generational transition. This is like what Rockstar did on GTA V, where the game is present in the current-gen console first, before finally being present in the next-gen console with various significant improvements.

The Most Glorious Period

Remember when the earliest version of the ps4 release? The console still appears premature and is not completely perfect. There are many problems that undermine the first generation of the PlayStation 4, ranging from rudimentary firmware systems to technical problems. Such as auto-eject problems and very fast heat engines.

But fortunately, Fat is not the only model launched by Sony, through the lack of its first version, Sony is still trying to improve the quality of its PlayStation 4 system. And now, we feel that the end of the age of PlayStation 4 is actually the most glorious period. Where PlayStation 4 actually looks even more perfect through some of the newest versions, such as Slim and Pro versions. Because it was considered to be irrelevant, Sony itself has also left the old model and no longer produce it, now they only focus on 2 models – Pro and Slim.

Interestingly, when compared, the Pro version has specifications that are almost 2 times more fierce than the first generation. Supported with 60FPS & 4K HDR features, of course also increasingly push the quality of performance and visual games to the maximum level. While the Slim version itself does not have specifications that are too different from the FAT variants. However, various obstacles such as size, weight, power consumption, cooling system, and various other obstacles in the FAT version have been addressed through the Slim version.

Should I get a PS4 Pro in 2020?
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At the beginning of its appearance, PlayStation 4 still had limited game titles, but now we can enjoy the much more of interesting titles that have been released. Of course, you will not be bothered to choose the title, because there have been many multiplatform and exclusive game titles compared to the first time.

In addition, sales figures in the past year also prove that the PlayStation 4 which is getting older is actually even more shining. Where the console has sold 91.6 million units, that is the data released by Sony at the end of 2018, at this time the sales figure may have almost touched 100 million units.

Of course, this proves that the demands of the fans of the PlayStation 4 are indeed still very high, especially with the price of PlayStation 4 which is increasingly friendly. Even Sony itself is still releasing various special editions for PlayStation 4, such as the 500 million edition, Days of Play Edition, to those based on games like Kingdom Hearts 3 Edition.

Should I get a PS4 Pro in 2020? Here is The Conclusion

So, for those of you who don’t have PlayStation 4 and are still in doubt, with guaranteed service that Sony has revealed, in our opinion the answer is “take the PS4 first while waiting for the better PS5 version”. Especially with the exciting exclusive line up that has been guaranteed to be present for the PlayStation 4.

Finally, a little advice from us, for those of you who just want to buy PlayStation 4, adjust it to your budget and needs. For those of you who need visual and more on performance and have more budget, we highly recommend PlayStation 4 Pro as an option. But of course, you also have to keep preparing the 4K monitor as a driver to enjoy the maximum experience. While for those of you who have a limited budget and are quite satisfied with the quality of full HD, we recommend the Slim version. Because besides being affordable, this Slim version also doesn’t have much power consumption and has friendly size dimensions.

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