Xbox Series X Price Will Be Cheaper Than PS 5?

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It seems like the war of the new generation of consoles is getting hotter, the article after Microsoft with Xbox Series X showcased various games and console capabilities a few days ago, this time it was reported that the price of Xbox Series X will be cheaper than the competitor’s PS 5. This was revealed by former EA and XBOX officials, Peter Moore and analyst Michael Pacther, when they were both in a discussion session with Geoff Keighley, discussing the challenges and the future of the next-gen console.

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At the interview session, they both mentioned, that currently, Microsoft is in a position to price the Xbox Series X cheaper than the Playstation 5. This is based on the financial condition of Microsoft that is strong enough to be able to cut the price of the latest generation console at $100 cheaper than Sony’s fifth-generation console. Pachter also added that currently, Microsoft has been waiting for what PS 5 will be priced, before finally releasing the XBOX Series X price to the market. In addition, the two men predicted, that the price of PS 5 itself would be priced at $500.

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Let’s just wait, will this console war heat up? of course, this is interesting for us to see, besides these two companies will compete in terms of price, of course, the features and game line-up wars that will be present exclusively on both consoles are something that will determine sales when XBOX Series X or PS5 are released later.

In an interview with the BBC, Head of Microsoft’s Xbox Phil Spencer revealed what the approach will take when releasing Xbox Series, the newest game console during a pandemic. In addition to the logistical issues that dominate the discussion regarding this new product, Spencer also acknowledged that pricing issues will be very important and Microsoft’s strategy is centered around gamers, not devices. Microsoft seems to take a holistic approach that should make the next generation of consoles cheaper.
Indeed, as quoted by Inverse, Spencer did not specifically specify what price would be in the range. But still, this is good news for Xbox fans. He also explained that Microsoft was trying to ensure the Xbox One and Xbox Series X were affordable for gamers, especially during the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. “People find real value in the investment they make from playing games. If this is not the year when a family decides to buy a new Xbox, it’s OK. Our strategy doesn’t revolve around how many Xbox we sold this year,” he said.

On the other hand, Spencer explained the steps taken by Microsoft to ensure the Xbox Series X remains attractive during the global pandemic and economic crisis. “We are entering a period of massive economic uncertainty. The thing that I might focus most on is the macroeconomy. We see the impact of people being laid off and layoffs. This is really difficult. And we at Xbox are included in the category of recreational activities. We are not a necessity,” he explained. Of course, launching expensive new technology during an economic crisis is a challenge. Thus, it is important for Microsoft to ask the right questions when determining the price of the launch of the Xbox Series X. “So we want to really know that when we launch it. How can we make it as cheap as possible, how can we give choices to buyers,” he said.

He even confirmed that Microsoft had analyzed how and what the gaming industry should do after the economic crisis. This is done to ensure they continue to provide the right value and service to customers.

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