Xbox Series X Specs: Goes Beyond Four Generations of Xbox

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Xbox Series X Specs Compatibility – Teraflops, SSDs, processing capacity, and ray tracing: these are the hardware that defines new competitions in the console market of the next generation. But it often mentions one of the most important features as a secondary consideration. That feature is backward compatibility, and like other factors such as CPU speed or in-game frame rate, its support and incorporation should be necessary.

Much of the conversation about backward compatibility focuses on the idea of “going forward”—that is, leaving behind the past.

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Despite the obvious attraction of next-gen games, revisiting the past is still a common and exciting effort. Games act as important cultural touchstones and are like mementos in many ways. Preservation is important to do, and one allowed by backward compatibility — but that’s not the only reason this function is vital.

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Compatibility with prior consoles not only adds to a next-gen console’s vast library, it also allows players to revisit their favorite titles without needing to buy them again. While absence makes the heart grow fonder and makes any work of remasters or reboots much more compelling, people should simply be allowed to play games they own and love to. Games from last gen shouldn’t be let into expiry as technology advances over time.

Microsoft introduced Xbox 360 backward compatibility in 2015, which enabled all users to play Xbox 360 games on an Xbox One. This was expanded in 2017 to include an array of original Xbox games. Most of these titles are readily accessible on the Xbox Game Pass, making them highly available for players.

Now they defined out the whole distinct approach to backward compatibility with its new console generation. The Xbox Series X features an expansive backward compatibility system with games from multiple previous consoles.

Jason Ronald, director of program management for Xbox Series X, revealed that Xbox Series X is going to launch thousands of games across four Xbox generations, from Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox, consisting of four generations of consoles and a massive games library.

Not only that, but thanks to Microsoft’s powerful specs: new HDR reconstruction technique and the Quick Resume feature of the Xbox Series X, select backward-compatible games will “perform much better than ever before,” execute at higher resolutions or double the frame rate. Older games should run smoothly and load lightning-fast, with the Xbox Series X specs sporting an NVMe SSD, dramatically more RAM, and a much more beefy CPU and GPU.

Technical aspects made this job somewhat more challenging for the Xbox Series X, but the custom processor of the next-gen console has been designed specifically to combat this issue and allow us to effortlessly enjoy titles from all Xbox generations.

“We also know as gamers how important it is to preserve and respect our legacies in gaming,” Ronald wrote in the post. “Your beloved games and franchises, all of your progressions and accomplishments achieved in-game, and the communities you create through gaming should all move with you for generations to come. Not only should your favorite gaming accessories and peripherals also move forward with you.”

Not only will games that are backward-compatible perform better, but they will also look better too. The Xbox Series X will deliver a technique of HDR reconstruction that will automatically add HDR support to games – without affecting performance.

Furthermore, the Quick Resume function of the Xbox Series X would also be available with backwards-compatible titles, enabling players to simply leap into gameplay immediately, catch up where they left off, or switch directly between titles.

This brings us to the Smart Delivery program from Microsoft incorporated into Xbox Series X which will help link the company’s multi-console ecosystem. It will allow players who purchased cross-gen Xbox One games to upgrade to the Xbox Series X version at no additional cost, providing a seamless transition between generations of consoles.

For reference, a Cyberpunk 2077 upgrade to Xbox Series X will be for players who already own it on Xbox One. It sounds like the same treatment will be given to all first-party Xbox games.

Sony and Microsoft have somewhat different approaches to backward compatibility. Preservation and legacy are clear focal points for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, while Sony focuses more closely on bridging the generations of PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Both games have interest not lessened by age or situation. Although remasters are a fantastic way to replay past games and experience old stories as fresh, they are attempting to rewrite the game’s history and its original creators. On a market level, it is also a bad way to rely on nostalgia and ask people to repurchase games.

We’re largely in the dark about Sony’s backward compatibility plans with the PS5 though. We know the PS5 will be able to play “nearly all” of the best PS4 games at launch, but the company hasn’t announced that backward compatibility will continue beyond that.

So far Sony hasn’t had a great backward compatibility past. Although early PlayStation 3 models were able to play PS2 games, the console was finally able to play initial PlayStation One games purchased at the shop. Sony placed a large bet on PS Now with the PlayStation 4 generation to pick up some of the slack in terms of backward compatibility.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One now supports 575 Xbox 360 titles, and 41 original Xbox titles. It doesn’t cover the thousands of Xbox back catalog games, but it looks like Microsoft is trying to fix it with Xbox Series X.

“Developers are focusing on improving their household name games to the exceptional capabilities and performance of a console to provide players with the best experience. To make the Xbox Series X our most compatible console ever required extensive innovation in custom processor design as well as distinctive Xbox operating system design and CPU at the heart of our next generation platform.”

Ronald also announced that more than 100,000 hours of Xbox Series X play training has been put in by the Xbox team, with team members now using Xbox Series X as their primary console.

“Over 200,000 hours is spent along with a commitment of the team making sure that your game collection is ready for you to step in instantly by the time we launch this holiday,” Ronald says.

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