The Last Of Us Part 2 Release Date, Gameplay Review, Ellie Edition

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The Last of Us part 2 game, which has been waiting for its fans, has finally been released on PS4. The last of us part 2 release date was officially launched on PS4 on Friday (6/19/2020). The launch of the game The Last of Us part 2 was launched directly by the developer, Naughty Dog in the Twitter account @Naughty_Dog.

Vice President of Naughty Dogs, Neil Druckman thanked the loyal fans who waited for The Last of Us Part II in a blog.

“Seven years ago, we challenged to make video games that played various challenging themes.”

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“Since then, on the contrary, talented developers have succeeded in gaining enthusiasm to achieve these goals,” said Neil, received by Linkcube quoted from, Friday (6/19/2020).

“On behalf of all parties at Naughty Dogs, we ask for your thanks for being part of this trip,” Neil added.

Here is The Last of us Part II Price on Amazon :

The Last of us Part II Standard Edition Price $59.99
The Last of us Part II Deluxe Edition Price $69.99
The Last of us Part II Special Edition Price $79.99
The Last of us Part II Collector’s Edition Price $169.99

Gameplay Review

Clocking in within 30 hours, the last of us part 2 gameplay is twice as long as that previous series. But, in The Last of Us Part 2, the length is not the only thing amplified. It is more challenging and distressing than its predecessor. As the final scene fades into darkness, you’ll experience the rewarding exhaustion that comes from having your feelings stirred well and truly.

The past 20 years of gaming have seen storytelling progress — graphics are improving, the voice acting is hitting Hollywood standards and game mechanics are becoming more complex — but without a desire to tell stories. Sometimes, the AAA budgets are used to spin an authentic tale, but only hardly ever.

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Another of those examples is the Last of Us Part 2. What you need to do is see the character models of Ellie and Joel, for which the word “lifelike” is more descriptive than figurative, to understand where the seven years went and who-knows-how-many millions Naughty Dog spent in this title. But as you play, it becomes clear that the true ambition of Naughty Dog lies not in cutting edge visuals or set pieces (although both are present), but in the story, it is trying to tell.

If 2013’s The Last of Us was a road trip turned into a twisted coming of age tale, The Last of Us Part 2 is its Western Companion piece of revenge. Five years after her pan-American odyssey with Joel, an unspeakably horrific opening episode leaves Ellie dead set on a mission to track down those responsible for an almost unforgivable crime.

This search brings our young heroine away from Jackson County’s suburban pastures and far into Seattle’s metropolitan overgrowth, a community that has undergone a somewhat different type of social collapse from The Last of Us’ Boston, presenting its own different challenges to Ellie’s survival.

The game starts in the year 2038. Twenty-five years ago, a fungal disease of the brain spread throughout the globe, turning a large part of its population into “the infected.” Five years ago, Joel treks around the country in first game with 14-year-old Ellie, who is immune to the infection. Joel was supposed to hand Ellie over to a researcher who could study her to create a cure, but when he discovered that Ellie wouldn’t survive the process, he kills nearly everybody in the hospital to save her from the table.

Much of the game mainly occurs in darker areas, from underground environments to abandoned, zero-light buildings. Worsening this, these haunts are filled by Naughty Dog with just the right amount of danger. Infected are not so numerous that you expect some on every corner, but abundant enough to know they could be around any corner.

That is a lot worse. Before entering each house, you must think twice, open every door and crawl through every crevice. That’s a concern because you’re going to get most of your vital supplies from scavenging — that’s, entering houses, opening doors, and crawling through nooks and crannies.

Although The Last of Us Part 2 is undoubtedly a journey, the game itself is all about survival and less about adventure. Yet supply-scavenging is just part of what survival means. It also means killing a whole bunch of infected people, and killing a bunch more people.

There are several types of each: Runners, Stalkers, Clickers, Bloaters or Shamblers may be infected, representing humans at different stages of infection. Each has different weaknesses and strengths. Clickers are blind but instantly kill you. Stalkers inflict fairly minor damage, but don’t show up in Listen Mode (which allows you to see enemies through walls). Bloaters and Shamblers are tanks: Slow but difficult to kill.

Combat plays out as an improved version of the system found in the gameplay of Batman: Arkham. You’ve been given a sprawling area and have dared to see how many enemies you can kill before you are spotted. Throughout you will collect pills that allow you to unlock new skills, and screws that allow you to upgrade weapons, both of which slowly define your playing style.

Most of the battle involves crouching behind the shield, watching, or listening to discern where the many enemies are. Some of the most important strengths of The Last of Us Part 2 is how well it differentiates sound from enemies. Scars interact with each other through spooky whistles which bewilder you with the specific meanings. Wolves respond in ways that suggest familiarity to dead bodies (“They Killed John!”).

However, the Infected are the most effective and disturbing. Runners scream and yell as their brain recognizes with the spreading infection, while a Shambler’s toxic coughs and a Clicker’s sharp clicks are more than sufficient to let you know you are in trouble.

The combat is not without problem. Many battles occur in enormous environments, with multiple levels. Sometimes you will be left with one opponent, which you will have to search high and low to find and kill before you can move on. As mentioned earlier, the gunplay is not suitable to heroism, yet there are occasions when the game requires you to attack Rambo waves, creating a square peg / round hole scenario. You’re going to get a lot of stealth kills elsewhere — which includes you creeping up, catching and stabbing an enemy — in the line of sight of other human enemies who strangely don’t see or respond to you.

That last point seems tiny but it’s the jarringest point. The Last of Us Part 2 has an impressive sense of realism for a game about monsters chewing up your face. It’s like that, small moments that crack the sense of reality. Just be prepared for riveting, surprise and, yes, trauma.

Playstation 4 Pro – The Last of us Part 2 Ellie Edition

Celebrating the release of giants, especially the big hype games that had stopped by on their platform, regardless of whether it came as a first-party or third-party game, the special edition for the release of the Playstation 4 console has become Sony Interactive Entertainment’s mainstay weapon. Although not all of the Limited Edition designs are arguable, enchanting, but not a few also offer an elegant side and ferocity that is difficult to resist. One of them came for their exclusive game which was quite anticipated this year – The Last of Us Part II.

playstation 4 pro the last of us part 2 edition
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Welcoming the latest game from Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially introduced Playstation 4 Pro – The Last of us Part 2 Ellie edition. With a black colour that dominates the whole console and also the controller, the theme of The Last of Us II flows from Ellie’s tattoo design printed on the top with a small print TLOU II on the front side. This limited edition console bundle will feature a similar DualShock 4 patterned and of course a physical copy of The Last of Us Part II itself. Sony will also sell DualShock 4 in a separate package.

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