Resident Evil 8 Village Announced: Here Are 10 Things You’ve Must Know

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In the past, rumors had circulated from reliable sources that Resident Evil 8 Village would tell the story of Ethan again, the main character RE7. Resident Evil 8 will be titled Village and has unique elements like a werewolf and the return of the first-person perspective. The Resident Evil 8 trailer has been revealed, and it seems that the rumors are true! Resident Evil VIII trailer just streams a few hours ago, during that time Resident Evil fans from all over the world immediately speculated about various features that might be used in the final version in 2021. Because it did not show a detailed clue about the story and gameplay, there were 8 things we can learn from Resident Evil 8 Village, here are the details.

resident evil 8 village announced

Resident Evil 8 Village Gameplay

After a long debate about the point of view to be used in RE VIII, it seems like the camp of supporters of first-person can be happy. In a few seconds, Ethan and a citizen are seen in a position ready to fight the mysterious creature. For you, supporters of the third person also don’t need to be sad, because Capcom is able to create an excellent aiming and control mechanism on RE7 and will definitely experience an increase in RE VIII.

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The Next Chapter After Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 8 Village will happen after RE 7. Ethan and Mia Winters can return to living happily after going through the events in Baker’s home area. But something happens, and Ethan has to deal with a new nightmare.

Outdoor Setting will be more

The village setting will not feel real if it does not describe the whole countryside. In the trailer, there are several outdoor settings that are highlighted such as forests, hills and fields. Quite a lot of outdoor settings can also indicate a creature that is constantly chasing you so that you are given a ‘space’ large enough to fight or just avoid it.

Another Character Playable

Although it’s only a possibility, there are a number of specific characters that get more attention, both from Ethan and other characters. Since RE7 also has two playable characters in its main story and two in DLC (not including ‘Banned Footage’), it is likely that RE VIII will present multiple playable characters, whether in the main story or DLC. Seeing the same event through different perspectives can provide experience and in-depth understanding of the event, Resident Evil 6 did well on the story so it is very possible that Capcom implemented it on RE VIII.

Ethan Winter As the Main Protagonist

In the first reveal of Resident Evil VIII, Ethan Winter has confirmed several third parties as the protagonist in Resident Evil VIII. This is a good thing because the ‘unfamiliar’ character in the RE game can re-show itself so that the Lore of the RE universe can expand. Hopefully Ethan feels more alive and characterful, remembering his first debut in RE7, which was under-highlighted.

Occult Theme

Occultism and horror are a combination of elements that are very good, therefore it is not strange if Resident Evil 8 Village returns a theme that was used in RE 4 and 5. Some footage from the trailer shows some mysterious symbols and placement of various effigies in the countryside. Despite having an occult theme, Resident Evil does not seem to be using supernatural things, they will remain firm on Capcom’s ‘terror of microorganisms’.

Folklore Reference

In the early minutes of the trailer, you will listen to Mia Winter talk about a folklore followed by a few flashes about the condition of the village and an event that seems to be what Mia told. So far, Resident Evil has never linked the story with mythology, legend, or any particular symbolism, of course the existence of folklore increasingly makes the story interesting. It’s just not clear whether what Mia tells is a fictional or original folklore from somewhere in this part of the world.

Bio Organic Weapons Comes With Human Intelligence

If terrorism used to use bombs, bio-terrorism uses B.O.W (Bio Organic Weapon), a living weapon that can continue to move towards its target. In some excerpts, there are some B.O.W who are shown like werewolves, humans who can control a kind of insects, and another that looks like an executioner majini from RE5. They all seemed to be B.O.W with a high level of intelligence because they could organize attacks, wield weapons, and control other living things.

Chris Redfield Return

In the previous series, Chris appeared surprised at the end of the game and became a playable character in one of the DLC. Many suspects that Chris in RE7 is not Chris we know because the adaptation of the RE Engine caused extreme changes to Chris, so what do you think after seeing this old looking Chris? Even more mysterious, why did Chris shoot Mia (?), Is this really the Chris you know? Questions from RE7 reoccur.

Exclusive For Playstation 5

Resident Evil Village will be present for the new console, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2021. Besides the console, this game will also be present on PC.

Those are interesting things from the disclosure of Resident Evil 8 Village. So, What do you think? write yours in the comments!

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