Resident Evil 8 Revealed: Ethan Winters Return

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The Next Resident Evil game is Resident Evil 8 “Village”. This game comes with the same style as RE7 also presents the number VIII in the form of words in front of it. Resident Evil 8 “Village” will be present in the Playstation 5 trailer revealed yesterday’s event Thursday which shows if this game will arrive at the next-gen console!

resident evil 8 village ethan winter

This game is a sequel to Resident Evil 7, which was present in 2017 with the presence of the latest nuances titled the first person. Here you will play the same Ethan Winters as in RE7 and set in a snowy forest setting.

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RE: Village Trailer

In the video you can see Chris Redfield who seems to show Chris like an antagonist character. This is based on the incident after RE7 explained by Capcom on the Playstation blog that “Ethan’s world was suddenly in chaos for a moment Chris Redfield was present which caused chain events which left Ethan confused to find answers to Chris’s strange behavior. Finally lead him to a mysterious settlement. ” Is Chris being bad guy?

Capcom also added that RE 8 will be a game that is more focused on fighting and exploration compared to RE7. Even so, rumors that found that this RE8 game will be the scariest Resident Evil game have begun to appear in the trailer.

Will you be even stronger in resisting fear after playing Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil 8 “Village” will be present for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and Steam later in 2021.

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