PS5 Release Date Rumors, Specs, Performance, and Games

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PS5: The Coming of Sony Next-Gen Console

The worldwide pandemic crisis is not enough to forestall another next-gen console from Sony Corporation, PS5, from revealing its glorious look.

ps5 final design unofficial
PS5: Final design trailer unofficial Youtube

We discovered numerous leaked details about PS5, such as its technical specs, PS5 Controller DualSense control, and certain video games, and additionally when its official site is already live. With all its techs and specs, it will be seriously exciting to see how this console is on par with Xbox Series X as its competitor.

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Aside from its unique details, it is expected to be still on track and launched by the end of the year or “holiday period” without being impacted by the continuing pandemic taking place around the world right now. No further specific than that – Microsoft has also provided same vague period of Xbox Series X release – but learning from past years, November is frequently used as console releases month by various developers.

Yet, the reveal event scheduled showcasing new PS5 games and the first real gameplay set on June 4 is getting postponed due to ongoing Black Lives Matter protests going on all over USA, following statements issued by Sony and PlayStation on their official Twitter account.

Thus, Sony Corp. planning to limit unit production and promotional activities’ plans. According to several people knowing well with Sony marketing plans, Sony will operate their marketing plan by relying on former models, which is PlayStation 4, as a bridge to approach new users to access onto PlayStation platform’s network services while PS5 remains in limited supply.

PS5: Featuring Backwards Compatibility

The good news is, it looks like PS5 will be well-suited to be used to play PS4 games or backwards compatible even though the full list of which games players can play hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Mark Cerny, the lead architect of PS4, noted that 100 most played games of PS4 will be playable on PS5 at launch and will run with even better graphics and performances than ever before, in part because PS5 will contain a solid-state drive, which differs to usual hard drives that current major consoles ship with.

The similarity of internal architectures of both PS5 and PS4 makes it possible to do backwards compatibility. Achieving this backwards functionality is an easy feat to do because any differences embedded in the former console’s logic are injected into the new one’s custom chip. So that even if the technology keeps evolving, machinery logic and feature set in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro titles rely on will be still available in backwards compatibility mode.

These backwards compatibility and cross-generational play features are considered important to inject seamless transition to the new players of PS5 and introducing community to next-gen gameplay.

PS5: Next-Gen Specs & Features

Obviously, PlayStation 5 is supported heavily by the console’s next-gen specs and features. The controller, called DualSense, differs in some notable ways yet retains similarly shape as previous iterations of DualShock with traditional thumbstick layout design. One of the differences can be seen in replacement of ‘Share’ button with a new ‘Create’ one.

With the ‘Create’ button, Sony promises another level of experience creating epic gameplay content to share or for you to enjoy in-game.

Besides that, Sony also inject built-in mic so that players won’t have to use separate headphones for doing voice chat online and adopting haptic feedback feature as the way to deepen gamers’ experiences and immerses their sense of touch with more subtle and varied types of feedback on the gamepad. It will also set themselves better than their competitor, Xbox Series X’s controller that still uses AA batteries to operate, by using a rechargeable battery.

Sony also introduces new innovation called adaptive trigger incorporated into L2/R2 button which often used as ‘the trigger buttons’. This innovation enables you to feel the vivid sensation of drawing arrow or driving your off-road vehicle on the rocky surfaces, so they could simulate various actions in better ways.

What about The Graphics & Performances? – PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 is ensured will be powered by Unreal Engine 5 with extremely realistic visuals, no texture pop-in, smoother frame rate, and most importantly, ability to directly adopt films’ visual assets into games rather than reworking them. Unreal Engine 5 also promises to deliver life-like photorealism par with movie CGs and real environment around us.

Not only PlayStation 5, but Xbox Series X will be supported also by Unreal Engine 5, including Lumen lighting systems and Nanite geometry. With Unreal Engine 5 backing both of the consoles, the competition on the market between those brands is predicted to be more intense.

To boast their powerful visual engine, Epic Games as creator of Unreal Engine 5 develops a fully-playable PlayStation 5 demo called “Lumen in Land of Nanite”. Since then they successfully setting up the expectation bar high about what to enjoy in terms of visual aspect from PlayStation 5.

What also makes PlayStation 5 stands out from its competitors is the improvement of loading times performance in-game. As shown at Sony corporate strategy event earlier this year, first gameplay reveal of PS5 shows clear comparison between current system and PS5 by using Spider-Man game by showing that when played on current system, Spider-Man game takes around 8.10 seconds to reload. Meanwhile when it is played on newer system of PlayStation 5, it only takes just around 0,8 seconds to reload.

Price & Plans Prediction

Currently, PS4 is sold for $300 and the higher-end PS4 Pro for $400. These PS5 prices may be getting special price cut around the time of PS5 launch to further generate new subscribers of PlayStation Plus membership program and PlayStation Now game-streaming services. This plan said to be planned by the company to adapt to the current crisis.

For the questions about how much will this new console cost, Sony has not given a clear statement, only saying that its price will be “attractive” to gamers. Of course, Sony should learn from how PS3 turned out on its release and subsequent struggles after that caused by its overpriced tag. Thus, Sony makes decision to set their price carefully. However, its price is anticipated to be around $499 to $549.

Confirmed (or Expected) Upcoming PS5 Games

With the launch of PS5 rumored to be happening around the end of this year regardless of the situations, it is exciting to expect the lineup of new games from major developers will be accompanying the release.

Built-in SSD that improves load times in-game significantly in PS5 and other unique elements promises to bring more fidelity to each games you played. And it also comes with new DualSense controller system equipped with haptic feedback to immerse your experience of sense into the game deeper. Some of these technologies will be a major factor to see what kind of ‘unique’ games we will get.

The backwards compatibility system built within PS5 will enable players to automatically play majority of their favorite PS4 games right away in more boosted frequency, its frame rates becomes higher or more stable, and also potential improvements in resolutions. This system also gives existing players of PS4 a more reason to hold onto their libraries, to see how their favorite games turns out in a more sophisticated visuals.

Even though some of the upcoming major titles of games will still be coming to the PS4, but it presumably will also launch for PS5 soon. Here rounded up all confirmed to be launched games, and also suggesting the titles that probably will also be released on the next-gen system.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


One of the games to be confirmed as a launch title for PS5 is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Ubisoft brings its big Assassin Creed games franchise back to the alternative history of Viking invasion era to Britain. You will play as a character named Eivor – either choosing to play as a man or woman – a Viking raider got caught in the middle of the Brotherhood of Britain and the Templar Order conflict.

The game will still be centered on the open-world action-adventure games as its core element of gameplay, but now featuring dual-wielding weapon system to brutally tearing up your enemies whenever you like.


Fortnite. Yes this is the “everybody’s game” that will be appealing to be played on PS5. Its ability to cross-play from any devices you own, makes it beneficial as players can carry over their account, items, and progress to PS5.

As the developer of Unreal Engine 5, which will be the core visual power of PS5, Epic Games will surely optimize Fortnite gigantic battle royale gameplay map on next-gen consoles capabilities.

DiRT 5

Next is Dirt 5, upcoming off-road racing game title developed by Codemasters. From its sneak peek, Codemasters promises to deliver new features and innovations in a wide range of race competition event, including dynamic weather system and seasons which can affect your racing experience.

It will also feature a career mode with narrative storyline which puts you against your rival driver in a series of rally championships. The player will be provided with advices voiced by veteran voice actor Troy Baker, throughout their career game.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Daedalic Entertainment GmbH, a German video game developer and publisher specializing in point-and-click adventure games, is currently developing a spin-off game in Lord of the Rings franchise called Lord of the Rings: Gollum. Yes you heard that right.

In this game, you will play as an unlikely main character: Gollum. This entire game’s story will be told from different sides of the creature’s perspective – and yeah, it seems intriguing given his character role.


Square Enix announced partnership works with Gears of War: Judgment developer, People Can Fly, is currently developing Outriders, third-person cover shooter with various role-playing elements incorporated in the game.

Players can create their custom characters in the beginning of the game and choose from four classes available: Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator, and fourth class yet unrevealed. Players can also use different kind of weapons in the game to defeat enemies and as it progresses, the gameplay difficulty would increase every time, and it becomes more likely for players to get more high-end loot dropped by enemies defeated.


Next from Borderlands studio, Gearbox in partnership with Counterplay Games comes Godfall, a high-fantasy action RPG exclusively developed for PS5.

Described as “looter-slasher” game on its first trailer introduction at The Game Awards in December last year, the game has simple concept of fighting and looting as its main game focus. It also supports single player campaign and up to three players are able to play coop too taking on more dangerous enemies and challenges.

Quantum Error

Another new game named Quantum Error coming up from developer Teamkill Media, an independent game studio behind Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris as their debut title. Quantum Error is described as “cosmic-horror first person shooter” and seemingly boasts optimal physics engine and said to be interactive and physically stimulating.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Another big game name coming from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, will be released as sequel goes by the title Watch Dogs: Legion. Originally planned to be released in March this year for PS4 and other current gen consoles, then Ubisoft delayed it to March 2021 to give developers more time to ensure everything would be “perfectly implemented” and delivering optimal experiences for players.

Don’t worry to wait this game because I think this game would be worthwhile, considering this sequel is said to be more powerful in terms of gameplay and features, allowing you to control any Non Playable Characters (NPC) in the world.

There are other games that still unconfirmed but expected to be released for PS5 sooner or later. Such as Ubisoft that will also bring their infamous Rainbow Six franchise to PS5, with big hit of 2015 Rainbow Six Siege as the first to be put as a launch title and fully supported on PS5. They also seriously developing cross-generational multiplayer feature to help new consoles players finding people to play as a team or as enemies.

Besides the list of games mentioned above, the list still goes on with many games that are expected to be released also on PS5 such as Warframe, The Elder Scrolls VI, Battlefield 6, and many more.

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