Playstation 5 release: Here are Detail Specs, News, and Games

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after many leaks and rumours about PlayStation 5 circulating on the internet, finally, through PlayStation Livestream, Sony officially introduced PlayStation 5 (PS5) to the public. PS5 was exhibited in a launch event that was stream online on Friday (6/12/2020) in the early morning.

Different from its predecessor, PS4, which carries a deep black shell, PS5 now appears in white and black wrapping and can be erected vertically or horizontally. PS5’s DualSense wireless controller also adopts the same design. Shown with a combination of white and black that makes it look futuristic. The design looks like a building design with a very beautiful aesthetic. They present the thematic colours of black, white, and blue are the main mix colours.

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PS 5 Hardware

When Microsoft first showed off its Xbox Series X design, a lot of gamers laughed at it and made it a joke because the design was very similar to a chest. The aesthetic they present is almost zero and Providing many opportunities for Sony Interactive Entertainment as its main competitor to think of a much better design. Sure enough, they did show a much better design than the competitors.

ps5 console
ps5 console | img source:

When viewed from a horizontal position, the top of the console (which is white) looks curved and uneven, and the bottom also carries a similar design language. While the middle part that looks black is used to embed a number of PS5 features such as air ventilation, USB-A port, USB-C port, and so on.

ps5 news trailer

PlayStation 5 will be equipped with Dual Sense as a controller, headset, remote, to the camera. Sony Interactive Entertainment divides it into two types of consoles, physical with BD slots and digital without BD slots. Unfortunately, there is no clarity at what price is right for the Japanese console.

There is also a container for inserting the PS5 game disc which is positioned directly below the black component. Sony itself revealed that there will be 2 variants of the PS5, namely the “regular” version of the PS5 and the “Digital Edition” PS5. In addition to the PS5, Sony also boasts a number of accessories that accompany the console. Some of them such as the DualSense wireless controller and its charging module, HD Camera, Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, to Media Remote. However, the Japanese company did not give information about the launch date or the price of all the devices, including the PS5 itself.

That is, the launch date of the PS5 is still on schedule, namely during the 2020 holiday season or around November to December.

“We will launch the PS5 this year and have a number of interesting things that we will share (ahead of the launch).

Welcome to PS5, “concluded Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan, at the end of the event.

PS 5 Specs

Sony had already revealed the specifications of the PlayStation 5. The PS5 runway relies on 8 AMD Zen 2 processors with a 3.5 GHz CPU core speed, higher than the previous PS4 powered by 8 AMD Jaguar 1.6 GHz processors. PS5 RAM capacity is also twice as large as PS4, which is 16 GB.

The ability of the PS5 graphics gets a big increase with AMD GPUs that have 36 Compute Units (CU) and computing power of 10.28 Teraflops, far higher than the PS4 GPU with 18 CU and 1.84 Teraflops computing power.

PS5 storage media has now been switched to using Solid State Drive (SSD) which has a much higher speed than the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) on PS4. With this type of storage media, game loading time is claimed to be shortened. The 825 GB PS5 SSD can still be expanded with additional SSDs. Not to forget, the PS5 also includes support for higher image resolutions, which is up to 8K, compared to PS4 which stuck at 4K resolution.

PS4 VS PS5 Specs

Image Source: Slashgear

Here is a comparison of the Playstation PS 5 console compared to the Previous version, Playstation 4. Sony as a PlayStation game console developer has announced the design of its newest series, the PlayStation 5 (PS 5) on Friday (6/12/2020). The presence of the PS5 has been awaited by console game lovers since it was first announced in mid-March. Meanwhile, a number of improvements or upgrades are given on PS 5 to surpass the previous generation, PS 4.
This increase was noted in terms of hardware that is more powerful, loading time speed, and able to devour higher image resolution. PS 5 is powered by an 8 AMD Zen 2 processor with a CPU core speed of 3.5 GH. The PS5 runway is higher than the PS4 which is only powered by 8 AMD Jaguar 1.6 GHz processors. In terms of RAM (Random Access Memory) capacity, PS 5 has a capacity twice as large as its previous series, which is 16GB. The use of AMD GPUs that have 36 Compute Units (CU) and computing power of 10.28 Teraflops makes the graphics processing capabilities on the PS5 get a big increase. In the PS4 series, the graphics processing capability is only equipped with a PS4 GPU with 18 CU and 1.84 Teraflops computing power. In terms of internal storage, PS5 has also used Solid State Drive (SSD) which has a much higher speed than the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) on PS4. Use of this SSD makes the game loading time can be shortened. Lead System Architect of PlayStation 5 Mark Cerny claims that thanks to the SSD, the PS5 only takes 2.7 seconds to load a game. The 825 GB PS5 SSD can still be expanded with additional SSDs. Not to forget, the PS5 also includes support for higher image resolutions, which is up to 8K, compared to PS4 which stuck at 4K resolution.

Accessories For Playstation 5

In addition to showing off the design of the PS5 console, Sony also displayed four additional accessories, which will be present simultaneously with the brand-new console. The accessories announced for the PS5 console consist of an HD Camera, 3D Wireless Pulse Headset, Media Remote, and a charging module for the DualSense controller.

Although not yet provide detailed information clearly, Sony has revealed a little information related to the four PS5 accessories.

  • HD Camera

Sony presents an HD Camera that has been equipped with dual 1080p resolution lenses. The presence of these accessories is intended to support the needs of game streamers who actively share their gameplay via YouTube or Twitch channels.

  • Pulse 3D wireless headset

Next, there is the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. As the name suggests, this one headset already supports wireless connectivity (wireless). The main feature that is present on this headset is 3D audio support, where the sound presented by the headset will be heard more real. Not only that, the headset is also equipped with a microphone that already supports dual noise-canceling features to reduce noise around while ensuring the player’s voice can be heard clearly.

  • Sony’s Remote Media

Sony also presents a new remote that functions to navigate movies and other streaming services available on the PS5. The remote is also equipped with a built-in microphone, so players can use voice commands to operate it.

When viewed carefully, the remote has 19 buttons consisting of Play / Pause, Forward, Backward buttons, four navigator buttons, two-volume keys, and various other buttons.

  • Charging dock

Finally, there is a charging module or charging dock that functions to charge the DualSense controller. This charging module is known to be able to accommodate and charge two Dualense controllers at the same time, as summarized by Linkcube from The Verge, Friday (12/06/2020).

Charging dock Finally, there is a charging module or charging dock that functions to charge the DualSense controller. This charging module is known to be able to accommodate and charge two Dualense controllers at the same time, as summarized by KompasTekno from The Verge, Friday (12/06/2020).

Similar to the dock owned by Nintendo Switch, Sony also put a USB-C port at the bottom of the dock. So that players only need to put the controller on the dock that is available to charge. Unfortunately, Sony still hasn’t revealed the prices for the four accessories. Most likely, these accessories will be sold simultaneously with the PS5 console which is reportedly present at the moment of the 2020 holiday or around November to December.

Playstation 5 Price

Sony has just introduced the design of its PlayStation 5 without revealing how much the price the gaming console is. This is unfortunate for a number of Sony fans. Some of them hope Sony will release it in the near future. However, until now there is still no information. So what is the price of PS 5? Experts predict PS 5 will be priced around $499 as quoted from Techradar, Sunday (6/14). That is the price that will be sold in the regular version, not PS 5 digital edition also announced by Sony. Specifically for the digital version, it is expected to come at a cheaper price. According to experts, this prediction is estimated in accordance with the Xbox digital edition which has a lower price tag of $50.
However, Jim Ryan, president, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment recently hinted that the PS5 price tag might not offer the ‘lowest price’ in the battle against the Xbox Series X. On another occasion, Ryan also said the PS5 price might be a ‘hit’ significant for gamers savings. Even so, the company remains confident with PS5 sales later even in the midst of a pandemic.
“I think the best way to overcome this is to provide the best value proposition we can. I do not always mean the lowest price. Value is a combination of many things. In our region this means games, that means game numbers, game depths, game breadth, game quality, game prices. all of these things and how they make use of the platform’s feature set. “said Ryan.

All the PS5 Game List

Sony plans to add dozens of new games for PS5, one of which is Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V after establishing a partnership with Rockstar Games. GTA V and GTA Online are planned to launch on PS 5 in the second half of 2021. “With PlayStation 5, we made a significant jump to bring about transformative playing experiences that will truly redefine the game,” SIE CEO Jim Ryan said in written information on Sony’s official website. GTA Online will also be available to all PS 5 users for free within the first three months of launch. Sony also collaborates with third-party developers, including NBA 2K21 (2K, Visual Concepts) and Resident Evil Village (Capcom), as well as launching new games on PS 5 as exclusive consoles, including DEATHLOOP (Bethesda).

In the digital conference titled The Future of Gaming, Sony finally announced the shape and design of their new generation console, PlayStation 5. Not only that, you know, there are also more than 20 new game titles planned to be presently approaching the release of this PS5.

Some of these exclusive games have officially been present in newer generation consoles, even on the day of their release. Even so, there will also be released in 2021. Curious about what games will come out on PS5 later? Come, see the full list below!

  • Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales

To the surprise of the gamers, now an adventure in the Spider-Man game brought by Insomniac, we will play the character of Miles Morales, the Black Spider Man. This game is planned for release in the 2020 holiday season and is likely to be one of the titles carried on the release of PS5.

  • Gran Turismo 7

As leaked circulating, Gran Turismo will also be an exclusive game title that can be played directly on this new generation console. Interestingly, Gran Turismo 7 will bring a lot of supercars that we can try.

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Appart

Ratchet adventure and careless robot, Clank will certainly be present again on PS5. Taking the title Rift Apart, this game gives us an idea of how sophisticated the technology is in this game where we will feel the sensation of going far to various worlds with the help of a portal.

  • Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy’s adventures in the futuristic world will continue again. Now, Horizon Forbidden West looks like it will bring a very epic war conflict. We are also shown to be diving into the underwater world which holds many mysteries, you know!

  • Resident Evil 8: Village

Rumors regarding the latest sequel to the Resident Evil series have finally been proven true. We will return to the dark world with a thicker feel of horror in the eighth sequel. The village setting that we will find in this game also feels to bring a very tense atmosphere of horror.

  • Athia Project

Square Enix also doesn’t want to miss releasing a new game on PS5. In fact, the big game company from Japan has prepared a new IP titled Project Athia. With the female protagonist, this game looks very spoil the eyes, especially the enemy characters who are very scary increasingly make us wonder what the game looks like.

  • Stray

Are you cat lovers? Well, there is a unique title announced by Annapurna Interactive where we will play the character of cats. Uniquely, we will take a walk in a futuristic world where there are no people left and are only replaced by robots.

  • Returnal

One more horror game that seems to be entering into the new generation console PS5. Titled Returnal, it looks like this game will emphasize a futuristic story about an astronaut who got lost on a planet and repeated his death many times.

  • Sackboy: A big adventure

Not only bringing the titles of heavy games, but PS5 is also present for many people, especially children who might be interested in playing cute games. Well, the title of Sackboy, which was prepared directly by Sony as an exclusive game, will continue a more interactive adventure with a very detailed graphic wrapping.

  • Destruction AllStars

What would happen if the roller derby met with close combat? Yep, this is what Lucid Games tries to present in the sports game titled Destruction AllStars. As if to compete with the Rocket League, we will control the car and be involved in collisions to steal weapons.

  • Hitman 3

Remember Agent 47, the hitman who could execute in various ways? The sequel to Hitman 3 is certain to be present on the PS5 console with an exceptionally detailed graphic approach. At this rate, the scene can be very realistic and also fun to try out.

  • Hit: Bridge of spirit

Kena, a boy who is a guide for the spirits in his village, will tell an interesting chapter on the balance of nature. Yep, the nuances are like something in the supernatural world in Avatar animations.

  • Oddworld: Soulstorm

Don’t misjudge the cartoonist style of gaming on Oddworld: Soulstorm. Because from the footage alone we can judge that this game carries a very heavy story weight. As the title suggests, we will navigate the strange world with social concepts that might be intended as satire criticism, you know!

  • Ghostwire: Tokyo

How would it have been if we could have hunted ghosts, but with a very close cyberpunk feel? Game created by one of the creators of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, Ghostwire: Tokyo offers a unique experience where we will meet with many strange creatures. Do you dare to play?

  • Godfall

For those of you who like the MMO shooter game, I think Godfall will be a proper title for you to try. This game made by 2K brings a very immersive melee game. Moreover, the graphics carried are seen using lighting and very sophisticated armor!

  • Solar Ash

Slightly similar to graphics and adventures in Journey, this game made by Heart Machine carries a fantasy element that is clad in futuristic technology. It seems like many interesting things will start and bring a supernatural element to the character’s journey.

  • Astro’s Playroom

PlayStation has a famous mascot named Astro, a space explorer robot in the virtual reality game series. This time, Astro will invite players to explore his playroom which is very immersive. Uniquely, Astro’s Playroom will carry the platforming theme.

  • Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside is another title that carries cartoonist graphics. In this game, we will meet with adventure and carry a very thick action. Players will also be venturing in the world of the open-world which will save a lot of interesting mysteries.

  • NBA 2K21

Basketball sports game, NBA 2K sure will release a sequel to the release of PS5. In NBA 2K21, the power of graphics will be an interesting showcase for this console. In the trailer, we can see the texture of the fabric, and sweat worked out so very detailed.

  • Demon’s Souls

Game lovers with elements like Dark Souls are guaranteed to fall in love with Demon’s Souls. Because the remake of this game made by Bluepoint Games will initiate very detailed graphics. Ready to slaughter the demons in this game?

  • Deathloop

Not The Elder Scrolls or Fallout, Bethesda actually announced the title of his brand-new game titled Deathloop. In this game, players can repeat death every time they lose a shootout with the enemy. Presented in the cinematic style of classic films, this game seems to be very memorable for those of you who are edgy.

  • Jett: The Far Shore

Created in the Dreams simulation game, the project titled Jett: The Far Shore will be the title of the game brought by PlayStation for the new generation console later. Although made from within the game, Jett: The Far Shore will offer gameplay and a world that is quite authentic.

  • Pragmata

Finally, Pragmata is the title of the game that brings back the theme of space travel and the futuristic world in the PS5 game. Interestingly, the footage of this game feels to feel very similar to Death Stranding.

Here is The following PS5 games from Sony with second-party partners:

Here is The following PS5 games from Third-party and developers :

  • Bugsnax (Young Horses)
  • DEATHLOOP (Bethesda)
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (Bethesda)
  • Godfall (Gearbox Publishing / Counterplay Games)
  • Goodbye Volcano High (KO-OP)
  • Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online (Rockstar Games)
  • HITMAN 3 (IO Interactive)
  • JETT : The Far Shore (Superbrother)
  • Kena: Bridge of the Spirits (Ember Lab)
  • Little Devil Inside (Neostream Interactive)
  • NBA 2K21 (2K, Visual Concepts)
  • Oddworld Soulstorm (Oddworld Inhabitants)
  • Pragmata (Capcom)
  • Resident Evil VIII: Village (Capcom)
  • Solar Ash (Annapurna Interactive / Heart Machine)
  • Stray (Annapurna / Blue Twelve Studio)
  • Tribes of Midgard (Gearbox Publishing / Norsfell)
  • The Pathless (Annapurna Interactive / Giant Squid)
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