Here is a detail of Metal Slug Code J Release For Android & iOS

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metal slug code j wallpaper
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it is fun to see SNK’s return to the gaming industry, followed by a “revival” of some of their iconic franchises that were feared, will no longer find new series in the future. Starting with several fighting games such as King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown, it seems that there is only time left for SNK to explore the action game that has been requested by so many fans – Metal Slug. Sure enough, not only do it yourself, but SNK also collaborates with another giant company – Tencent to mix the Metal Slug series for the mobile market.

metal slug code j wallpaper
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Metal Slug Code J itself was developed by TiMi Studios under Tencent. The studio is indeed an expert in mobile games where they have released 12 games over the past few years, reported by Siliconera.

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Some of their popular games include Arena of Valor, Contra: Return, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Army Attack, and Call of Duty: Mobile. They also just announced a new MOBA game called Pokemon Unite.

Of course, the presence of Metal Slug Code J and the new Metal Slug game from SNK made the fans of the franchise very enthusiastic.

Hopefully, SNK and TiMi can fulfill the gamers’ longing for this legendary franchise.

Tencent and SNK finally show the latest Metal Slug game for mobile market – Metal Slug Code J. Remember, the mobile game created by TiMi Studios under the Tencent flag is a Metal Slug project that is different from the console and mobile game series that SNK had previously announced. The first trailer shows a 3D visualization approach followed by a unique Metal Slug shoot’em up gameplay. TiMi Studios itself has the ambition to concoct a series that not only satisfies veteran gamers but also is able to attract newcomers.

In addition to the release certainty for the mobile platforms – Android and iOS, Tencent and SNK have not shared many details regarding Metal Slug Code J, especially about the release date and its availability in regions outside of China.

This time the teaser trailer for the Metal Slug game has finally been revealed with the title Metal Slug Code J! Not only that, but this release game was also officially launched by Tencent! What’s different? Check here!

Metal Slug Code J Trailer

  • Metal Slug Code J Release Date

SNK uploaded a video trailer running the promotional game and shotgun to its official YouTube account on June 27, 2020. Here, you can see the classic figures of this saga with a vehicle that is very familiar to its fans! This game was officially launched by Tencent TiMi’s studio and released by Tencent with SNK whose release date will still be announced the next day, so it is more different from SNK’s own Metal Slug project which is currently under development!

  • The same thing, but 3D!

As far as the video footage is shown, the newly confirmed characters are Marco Rossi, Tarma Keliling, Eri Kasamoto and Fiolina Germi, and various prisoners of war caricatures other than soldiers will not want you to face!
However, the 3D animation format that is the new skin of this game feels very different when it becomes the mainstay of this game, namely 2D animation that is hand-drawn with extraordinary detail in its time!

  • Explore mode!

Then, interesting things are also seen in the next seconds, where you start exploring the world from area to area more than free horizontal and Vertical roads!

These sections provide clues that you will not only accept missions but also have headquarters to explore to get side missions, upgrade and perhaps unlock new characters, which of course in the Metal Slug series are not yet visible in this trailer!

Are you also a fan of the Metal Slug game? Surely can not wait to play this new game.

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