Harvest Moon One World Comes To Switch And PS4 This Fall

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harvest moon one world nintendo switch
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The Fans of casual games and agricultural simulations will not run out of similar games this year. With the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doraemon: Story of Seasons, the Harvest Moon series from Natsume did not want to be left behind. Natsume Games Developer prepares to launch a popular agricultural simulation game called Harvest Moon: One World. Now, fans of this game can watch the Harvest Moon One World trailer.

harvest moon one world nintendo switch
Credits: Natsume | Harvest Moon one world nintendo switch

Harvest Moon is a classic one that was launched in 1996. this game has a lot of fans. Natsume has also confirmed that this game will release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in North America.
As an initial introduction, Natsume launched the trailer of Harvest Moon: One World in New Game + Expo. In this two-minute video, gamers will be able to grow plants, manage farms, and interact with NPCs in the game. However, gamers are actually made disappointed by their first appearance. What’s wrong? What is offered in this latest Harvest Moon game?

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Harvest Moon one world trailer

The World Doesn’t Know Vegetables

Harvest Moon: One World Gameplay takes place in a world that is strangely unfamiliar with vegetables. People in this world live without feeling the benefits of fresh vegetables. Natsume himself did not explain specifically how the world’s people eat food. Your character comes with an old book that keeps the secrets of farming. With that book, you must build a successful farm and introduce vegetables to people who need beneficial nutrients.

Updated Harvest Moon Gameplay

One World will still display its distinctive gameplay, which is an agricultural simulation. Open new fields, plant, and care for crops, then harvest and sell the produce. You also have to build good relations with local people to increase your reputation. Natsume promises refreshment in Harvest Moon: One World gameplay. This refresher is realized through new engines and graphics, as well as additional features that will most likely relate to the main plot.

Gameplay Trailer

The Harvest Moon: One World premiere trailer features a variety of activities that you can do. You can grow crops, take care of farm animals, or visit the city. Various background locations are also displayed in this trailer, from the Halo Halo beach to the Salmiakki snow mountains.

Gameplay Quality

Gamers respond to the Harvest Moon: One World trailer with feelings of disappointment because the game displays too low quality for the size of the game that was released on the current-gen console. The quality of textures and 3D objects looks very plain and simple. Meanwhile, some animations also look out of sync with the movement. The environment looks empty because of the lack of objects and NPCs that adorn the city.

Will Released on Nintendo Switch and PS4

In addition, it is unfortunate because this trailer does not highlight the background of the world of Harvest Moon: One World, which is said to be unfamiliar with fruits and vegetables. Well, hopefully, later Natsume can provide more updates about this.

Harvest Moon One World will be released on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch in this fall 2020.

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