PS5 Revealed: Grand Theft Auto 5 Ready For PS 5 in 2021

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Grand Theft Auto V was first released in 2013, then followed by PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions soon after. It seems released on 5 platforms is still not enough, Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 now announced to be released for PS5.

Planned for release in mid-2021, GTA V for PS5 will get a visual upgrade and much better performance and exclusive content of GTA Online. Apart from these three things, this version will be the same as the versions that have been released now.

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Rockstar Games announced that the Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) game will be present on PlayStation 5 by adding improvements from the previous version. Gamers who have PS5 will also get GTA Online for free when the game is present at the Sony console in 2021. Although the Rockstar news release doesn’t specifically mention Microsoft consoles, it seems that GTA V will also be present on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.


“As recently revealed at the Sony PlayStation 5 digital event, the adventures of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor will come to the latest generation of consoles, including PlayStation 5, in the second half of 2021,” Rockstar Games wrote, as quoted by the Polygon.

Rockstar also announced plans to release Grand Theft Auto Online, the more popular online component of GTA 5 as a stand-alone product in the second half of 2021. “For the first three months of launch, the game (GTA Online) will be available free of charge specifically for PlayStation players 5 for the first three months, “Rockstar said.

The GTA V on the latest generation console will feature technical improvements, visual improvements, and performance improvements that make the game more responsive than ever. However, there is no clarity about the improved display in GTA V. GTA V is one of the most popular games of all time, until May 2020 more than 130 million units were sold.

In May, Rockstar and Epic Games gave this 6.5-year-old free game for one week. Free online offers for free from Epic Games have received many downloads from users around the world.

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