Unexpected GTA 5 Mods 2020 Updated, Download Today!

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As the most popular game of all time, it wouldn’t be fun to play this Rockstar game without cheats and GTA 5 mods. GTA 5 cheats can support the excitement of playing games because players don’t need to worry anymore about health bar limitations or running out of weapons. Players can make damage and chaos in this game as they want.

What are GTA 5 Mods ?

different from cheats, mods are also very intent in influencing players to make more excitement in this game. Unfortunately, a long time ago, Rockstar made a decision that made modder confused to release the latest series, this is because rockstar will be banned permanently, remove trophies, and achievement. Luckily, they again explained that it was limited to multiplayer only and made the modders breathe again. mods are modifications made by someone to a community full of enthusiasm with this game. not only contribute to visual changes that make it look like a real game, but it can also add additional features such as car modification, turning characters into zombies, and much more. GTA 5 mods can revive the atmosphere of this game like new.

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gta 5 mods car

For the last few years, there have been many modders in the world who are enthusiastic about this game, even they have made their own community. This community is so large! so many mods are downloadable on the internet that it makes you confused about which mods do you want to try. because every time these mods always update and follow the changing times like in the real world.

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GTA 5 Mods For PC

like GTA 5 cheats, there are exclusive things playing Grand Theft Auto 5 in Personal Computer (PC). YES! Mods are only available for PC which is easy to install using Script Hook V and GTA LUA plugin. By the way, Whats is Script Hook V things? Keep calm dudes! Let me explain it first. Script Hook V is the tool that allows using GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins. Please note that mods are doesn’t work in GTA Online, it will disable custom scripts when the player goes in multiplayer.

How to Install GTA 5 mods for PC?

We have prepared some of the best mods to make your experience playing GTA 5 more fun, crazier, and more interesting. If this is your first time playing this game and have never installed a mod before, here is a guide on how to install GTA 5 mods for PC. The thing to note is, when you download the mods, look back at the step-by-step guide for installing it.

Here is step by step how to install GTA 5 mods for PC :

Download and Install Script Hook V for GTA 5

The first thing you do is download Hook V for GTA 5 in this link. Copy ScriptHookV.dll, dsound.dll, and NativeTrainer.asi to the games folder where GTA5.exe is located for example if you play this game through steam, it can be found  \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\ on the drive where you installed GTA 5.

Download and Install GTA 5 LUA Plugin

The first step has been done, the next step is you must download GTA V LUA Plugin, it can be found in this link and download visual C++ Redistributable  2013 x64bit (if you’re using 64bit and download 32bit if you’re using 32bit) in this link.

Choose and Install

the important step has been done. With those 2 tools, now you can install any mods. You can download on the internet mods which you like. Please read carefully about the instruction because different mods have a different way to install. So, please read them carefully when you download them. Now, You should ready to play an exciting game that you never play before!

[Collection] GTA 5 mods CAR

want to drive using Bugatti Chiron 2017 ? or you want to drive and play around in the city using Mercedes Benz E400 2019? Here are the mods you’re waiting for :

gta 5 mods car buggati

Installing Bugatti Chiron

The first you need to do is download the mods in this link. Extract the zip and then copy the folder to the Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks. Use openIV and extract to Grand Theft Auto update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml. Open the file with a text editor such as notepad or sublime text, then add a new line dlcpacks:/chiron/. Done! Now, Bugatti Chiron ready to smash around the city in the games!

gta 5 mods car mercedes benz e400

Installing Mercedes Benz E400 Coupe

Okay next we will try to add Mercedes Benz e400 coupe to this game. A different way to install, it needs another requirement to add this cool car. it requires at least Diamond casino updates and DirectX 11 Graphics setting. this car has many features that will make you like these games so much! Download now and feel the game today! Download Here

GTA Mods Best Super Car Collection

gta 5 mods super car

unfortunately, i love the car so much and i dream that one day i have a super car like a billionaire. That’s why when i play this game, i act like i’m the billionaire. i collect the super car as much as i can 😀

Here is my GTA 5 mods best collection super car that i have been download it :

Installing GTA 5 mods police car

the game will not be interesting if there is no challenge. to make it more challenging and more exciting in playing games, we have provided GTA 5 mods police car, if you never know how they feel drive the police car, why not try these mods right now? hurry up, here is our collection GTA 5 mods police cars :

Mods For Character

Not only GTA 5 mods vehicle like a car, and, motorcycle, this mods also can be modifying the main character becoming superhero-like hulk, pepsiman, and other. it can also have additional add-ons like modifying t-shirt, shoes, and others. Let’s explore about GTA 5 mods superhero character :

The Best GTA 5 Mods You Should Try

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that just continues buzzing — thanks to a lot of GTA 5 mod developers, in no small part. It has been loaded with thousands of user-made in-game mods enhancement ever since its PC release in 2015.

The best mods of GTA 5 can do anything from applying a graphical revamp to creating an entirely new game by adding more superheroes, zombies and heaps. There’s a dedicated GTA 5 mod-makers forum out there that continues to make everything from small changes and modifications to core gameplay and designs, to full and revolutionary overhauls.

Undoubtedly there are plenty of options for GTA 5 when you are talking about modding it, which may make it difficult to know where to start. If you’re considering adding these few modest non-developer-approved enhancements to one of the best open-world games, take your pick from our best possible list.

These mods surely will make your interactions throughout enjoying the open world of Grand Theft Auto 5 much richer, prettier, crazier and so much more fascinating.

Just a heads-up warning: Rockstar has explained its modding policy, saying that it will not prohibit players from modding their single-player games. With this in mind, do not use mods in GTA Online at all, and do not enter GTA Online with single-player mods-enabled to play it safely.


gta 5 mods redux
Source : gta5redux.com

Immerse yourself on Los Santos’ perfectly redesigned streets with new climates, clouds and a range of lush 4k scenery courtesy of GTA V Redux. It’s not just a graphical redesign – Redux also contains car control changes, a reworked police system, improved look and actions of firearms, and more nuanced NPC behaviour.

Complex Control

Source: gta5-mods.com

Complex Control adds 100 unique skins of character, 55 unique and balanced skills, rogue-lite, permadeath feature, and battle royale gameplay mechanical. In short: Complex Control by THEAETIK fully transforms the face of GTA 5.

It is the outcome of more than 1,500 hours of solo work, and transforms the single-player mode of GTA 5 beyond recognition, as described above.

It was initially planned to be a multi-mission bomb defusal and hostage rescue game “fully replayable,” which challenged the limits of the prattling sandbox of the crime sim. However, during its development, the scope of the project was slowly “evolving in size.”

With 100 idiosyncratic characters, 55 special powers, and a whole host of in-game structures and moving parts — including levelling brackets and instant teleportation — Complex Control is sufficiently chaotic.

Bank Heists & Robberies

Source : gta5-mods.com

This mod allows you to do robberies from any of the 47 ATMs or even do heists to any of the 10 banks, perfect for the easy boost of extra funds whenever your bank’s balance gets a little bit tight. Just make sure you get to your safehouse safely to secure your haul.

Iron Man Mod

Source : dsogaming.com

As a Marvel fan, this popular mod must be installed on your GTA 5 save for ever. True to its word, the mod hooks you up with a fully operational Iron Man suit, complete with boost thrusters, repulsive beams and the blaster with satisfying “eeeeeyoooop” sound that any fan will be familiar with.

Even with various versions of the suit, you can customize it, including that beefy Hulkbuster armor that swaps agility for raw strength.

Enter All Interiors

Expand the huge Los Santos more than ever with this mod that will allow you to open plenty closed off areas all around the city. Oftentimes you’ll see massive tourist attractions that look like they’re going to be explorable, only to walk up and find permanently locked doors. This Open All Interiors mod makes a lot of buildings that were previously closed become explorable, just for a little added originality.

Tsunami Disaster

Source : GTAall.com

Try now and see how Los Santos becomes an Atlantis, submerged beneath ten thousand tons of seawater. This mod will unleash waves of seawater upon the town, where only the tallest skyscrapers above the surface can be seen. It is a natural disaster in-game that needs to be seen to be believed.


source : gta5-mods.com

If you’re someone who likes to follow every traffic light and speed limit sign when driving through SoCal, this mod of hyper-realism will be right up your alley. It adds to GTA 5 a variety of tiny but clever elements designed to make it feel that bit more intuitive and naturalistic.

There are bleeding impacts when you’re shot, cops behave more strategically, you can swap flat tires with new ones in the car, bullets have projectile drops and loads more. It turns the perspective of Grand Theft Auto into a complete simulation of crime and it’s pretty brilliant.

GTA 5 Mods PS4 and Xbox One

unfortunately, I’m also looking for GTA 5 mods in PS4 and Xbox One without risking any of my saved games but I can’t. it is possible to get GTA 5 mods in PS4 but they only can be used offline mode. When you connect to the server and go online, you will get banned permanently. There is no way to installing GTA 5 mods in PS4 safely. it is very difficult to do.

Troubleshooting GTA 5 Mods Menu

I am really sure, when you are trying something new, there will definitely have problems appear, whether it’s from the internal or external. In response to the trouble, we try to collect the problems that often occur when installing GTA 5 PC mods and updating to this blog

How to Download older Exe file after updating Steam

what’s going on if you updated the GTA 5 file in the steam? Yes, you won’t able to modifying exe file again because it was updated and it will crash when while loading story mode. How to prevent crashes while loading story mode and downgrade the exe updated? Yes, you need the old updated .rpf saved gamed or you can download it somewhere else. This file is important to prevent crashes while loading

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