Completely Type Chart Pokemon Go Guide

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Who doesn’t know Pokemon go which have type chart methods in this gameplay make this game unique and becoming a very popular Android game of the year in the past month, a game made by Niantic that forces their player to move actively to catch for getting a pokemon like a Pokemon trainer in Pokemon anime. I remember how often I used my time to watch this anime on a TV station for long years ago when I’m just a kid. But in every coolest game, there is always fandom or community who break the rules of the games like many BOTs.

Type Chart Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Type Chart

Pokemon Go has a battle system in the Gym that can be with 1 vs 1 or we can attack Gym holders with the help of the Team. When start fighting, we have to choose suitable pokemon, We can’t do anything to the pokemon CP because the pokemon type is very influential. Pokemon Go has 18 Type Chart Pokemon ranging from Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, etc. All types must have their own weaknesses and strengths, like Fire (Fire) which will be weak against Water (water) or like plants (grass) are weak against Fire.

Type Chart Pokemon Go

Use words that are easy to remember. You can write a poem or songs to help you to remember all the Type advantage chart pokemon and type effectiveness chart pokemon.

type effectiveness chart pokemon

Type Chart For Pokemon you use greatly determines how you should fight. Each Pokemon has advantages and disadvantages, which can make it very strong or completely useless in certain conditions. Continue reading this article if you have difficulty remembering the strengths and weaknesses of each type chart for Pokemon or just want to depend on your knowledge.

Understanding Type Effectiveness chart pokemon

  • Understand the weaknesses of Fire-type. Fire cannot burn water, earth or rocks, so the conclusion is Fire is weak against Water, Ground, and Rock.
  • Understand the weaknesses of Water-type. Electricity can deliver through water and grass absorbs water, so the conclusion is water is weak against Electric and Grass.
  • Understand the weakness of Electric-type. Electricity cannot deliver through the ground, so the conclusion is Electric is weak against Ground.
  • Understand the weakness of Grass-type. The grass is weak against the things that can kill it in the real world like fire, ice, insects, poisons, so the conclusion is The Grass is weak against Fire, Ice, Insects, and Poison. If you agree with me, Let’s assume this type also weak against Flying things because birds can throw his sh#t on the grass and go away 😀
  • Understand the weakness of Ice-type. The Ice can be melted by fire and can break if hit hard (Fighting Type), including iron, and stone equipment, so the conclusion is the Ice is weak against Fire, Stone, Fighting-type, and Steel.
  • Understand the weaknesses of Fighting-type. This type becomes weak when feeling scared (Psychic type), and cannot reach flying enemies, therefore Fighting is weak against Psychic and Flying. Despite this, Fighting is made weak against Fairy as a counterweight to the game. You can also assume that any strong physical strength will not win against nature.
  • Understand the weakness of Poison-type. Toxic can be absorbed by the soil and cannot poison what is not real (Psychic), so the conclusion is Poison is weak against Ground and Psychic.
  • Understand the weaknesses of Ground-type. Land can be damaged by water, ice, and grass in real life, so the Ground is weak against Water, Ice, and Grass.
  • Understand the weaknesses of the Flying-type. This type is easily injured by things that can injure flying creatures, like lightning, hail, or rocks, That’s why Flying-type is weak against Electric, Ice, and Rock.
  • Understand the weakness of the Psychic-type. This type is easily hurt by things that can scare you like insects, darkness, and ghosts, so Psychic is weak against Bugs, Dark, and Ghost. This is one type of weakness that is the easiest to remember.
  • Understand the weakness of bugs-type. This type is easily injured by things that can injure insects in the real world like birds, fire, and rocks, so the conclusion is Bugs are weak against Bird, Fire, and Rock.
  • Understand the weaknesses of Rock-type. This type is easily injured by things that can destroy rocks in the real world like water, grass, impact, earth, and iron, so Rock is weak against Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Steel.
  • Understand the weaknesses of the Ghost-type. Ghosts fight using unknown methods for living things. Even so, dark creatures like ghost also know these methods, because the Ghost is weak against Dark and himself.
  • Understand the weaknesses of Dragon’s-type. Dragons-type are very strong animals and are only weak against other dragons or the forces of nature (represented by Fairy). This shows us that even the strongest creatures depend on nature. Because dragons-type are often classified as reptiles, they also have a weak to cold nature, so dragons are weak to fairies and ice.
  • Understand the weaknesses of steel-type. Steel-type is weak against two things that are used in the manufacturing process, namely impact (fighting-type) and fire, as well as a soil containing raw steel, so the conclusion is Steel-type is weak against Fire, Fighting, and Ground.
  • Understand the weakness of Dark-type. Darkness has an evil nature, which can be defeated by direct combat, disciplined techniques, and kindness, That’s why Dark is weak against Fighting-type and Fairy. Dark is also given a weakness against bugs so that the game becomes balanced. You can also think of this because insects look small and cute and darkness is big and evil, why not?
  • Understand the Fairy’s weaknesses. Fairies are the embodiment of nature. Even so, this type is easily injured by something that is not natural or can damage nature, like steel created by humans or pollution, so Fairy is weak against Steel and Poison.

Understanding Other Factor’s

  • Do not underestimate attacks that are not effective. There are several types of Pokemon that are completely ineffective against certain types. Although there are types that are easy to remember because it makes sense (Normal and Ghost can’t fight, Ground can’t touch Flying, and so on), but don’t let the logic of the real world let your guard down. Of course you don’t want to be surprised when your attacks don’t work or no effect.
  • Take advantage of attacks which have a similar type to your Pokemon. In this game, when you use attacks that have similar types of pokemon, it will increase by 50%. For example, Pokemon Steel like Aron will get bonuses when using Metal Claw which is also of type Steel. Try to continue to take advantage of this bonus to make any battle much easier.
  • Pay more attention to weather conditions. Weather can affect the performance of Pokemon during battle. For example, Intense Sunlight will increase the power of Fire-type Pokemon and reduce the power of Water-type Pokemon
  • Get special abilities. Some abilities can hurt your Pokemon during combat, depending on the type. For example, Levitate can be used to weaken Pokemon Ground attacks. Use the abilities that can help and pay attention to abilities that can be fatal to your Pokemon. Run if the enemy uses abilities that can easily kill your Pokémon!
  • Get special items. There are grip items that can increase attack power, but there are also items that can increase the strength of several types of Pokemon. For example, Black Belts can increase fighting type strength.


That’s the type chart for pokemon go like type advantages chart pokemon, type effectiveness chart pokemon, and type weaknesses chart pokemon. so if you’re in the gym don’t just use pokemon with cp big, but also pay attention to the type of pokemon, because this is very influential when you face water but you use fire then you attack will be reduced by half, while the opponent’s attack will be multiplied by 2, so your chances of winning are just a few.

Another example like if you use electricity to fight water-type Pokemon, in theory and in fact we know that water is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore if you want to face the opponent with the type of water use electric or can be replaced with Grass which in theory and fact we also know that plants absorb water to be used as a food source.

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