GTA 5 Story: Where Grand Theft Auto 5 Begin

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Needless to say, if the Grand Theft Auto V or GTA 5 game made by Rockstar Games developers deserves to be the best game of the century especially for PS2. Even some time ago, you could get GTA 5 for free through a PC game download site, namely Epic Games, you know.

This open-world genre game indeed has a “hit” appeal in the hearts of gamers, especially if it’s not a cheat mechanism that makes you free to do things as you please. So in this article, We will review the complete set of GTA 5 PS3, PS4, PC cheat codes that you can refer to as follows on the link and we will write an article about the synopsis of GTA 5, the continues from GTA 5 review itself.

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They are three figures in GTA 5, namely Trevor Phillips, Franklin Clinton, and Michael Townley.

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Unlike the previous series, which only contained one main character, GTA V comes with an extra surprise, three main characters with three different story backgrounds. Welcome to Los Santos, home and battleground for Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton.

The story begins with a robbery nine years ago at North Yankton carried out by Michael, and Trevor, along with two other crew, ended in disaster. A massive police force ambushed them, Michael, who was injured, finally asked Trevor to save himself and finally disappeared in the fog. Nine years later, the two “lovebirds” came to the same conclusion – that each of their friends had been killed in the tragedy.

But who would have thought that Michael had managed to save himself, took refuge as a witness under FIB, and gained wealth? While in another corner of the city, Trevor, who never knew the fate of Michael, had to fight and start his narcotics business from scratch. The unsuccessful robbery attempt at North Yankton finally separated the two, with each thinking the other was killed.

Nine years later, when Michael was well-established, thanks to financial support from FIB, another lower-class criminal figure, Franklin Clinton began to enter this vortex.

In the middle of the red thread between these two characters, lives Franklin Clinton, a young gangster who is just about to start his criminal life. Working as a repo at a car dealer, Franklin finally met with Michael, who had become one of his criminal targets. The first memorable meeting between the two characters finally established an exclusive cooperative relationship, a prelude to more criminal activity.

Assisted by the brain genius Lester, Michael and Franklin finally decided to rob a jewelry store to strengthen their finances. The robbery that brought Michael back to the criminal world, Franklin to a higher level, and Trevor to find out that his closest friend had not been killed.

The robbery that was compiled with Lester and Franklin turned out to make Trevor aware that the old friend he had been grieving for, had survived and lived well in Los Santos.

Finally, Trevor tried to find Michael in Los Santos. The effort was ultimately successful, thanks to the help of Dave. And finally, they formed groups to carry out various robberies. And one day, they collaborated with FIB. After several collaborations with FIB, the three of them were faced with three confusing choices, and that was the end of the mission. These three choices were made by Franklin.

Each choice has a different effect, and there are three choices, namely:

When Franklin visits his friend’s house, he gets a call from Michael and Michael notifies him because he was ordered by the FIB to kill Trevor, Franklin approves it. They make a plan to kill Trevor after the project has been done, they prepare to kill Trevor, Franklin goes to the residence Trevor in the Los Santos mountains, when Franklin met Trevor, he hid the gun behind his body and pretended there was something he wanted to talk about, Trevor did not understand and was confused, Franklin finally pointed his weapon at Trevor, Trevor then ran off in his car. Franklin chased him until the vehicle finally Trevor was hit by Michael’s car and broke the tank of the gas truck, Trevor was in pain, and Franklin shot the tank and made Trevor burn, not long after the tank exploded, really brutal and tragic.

When Franklin was in a small town in Blaine County, he met Michael and Michael insulting and betraying, and Franklin immediately attacked and chased Michael to the top of an oil refinery in a factory, when he had hit Michael and Michael holding Franklin’s hand. Michael was in danger or will fall if Franklin releases Michael, then you will lose Michael, but if Franklin pulls Michael up, Michael will rebel as if biting Franklin’s hand so that he falls and dies pitifully.

This is the most valuable mission time, why profitable? Because in this mission, none of the three characters died, but they kidnapped Devin (a member of the FIB) and dropped him into the sea. This is the beginning.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor fought against the FIB. First Franklin met his friend and needed help, and finally, his friend provided assistance, namely to work together to eradicate FIB and kill FIB members like Devin after all plans had been prepared, Franklin met Lamar and took him to an iron mill, warfare began, Franklin and Lamar fought outside the factory while Michael and Trevor fought inside the factory, really a tiring mission, changing characters many times and the number of enemies will add to the difficulty in this one mission, but after completion defeating FIB, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor gather to discuss the next steps.

Franklin called his friend earlier and was given another mission, namely Michael was told to kill the Ballas gang, Franklin was told to kill Mr. Cheng, and Trevor was told to kill a FIB and kidnap Devin. While Franklin was riding his motorcycle, he was called by Lamar, and Lamar informed him that he had returned home safely. After everything was finished, they all gathered at a place near Lago Zancudo, and finally, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor pushed a car containing Devin, who had been kidnapped to a ravine near the island and the car exploded.

This is the happy ending, Franklin made a decision that they would not cooperate again, but only made friends, Michael and Trevor agreed, Franklin came home on his motorcycle while Michael returned in his car. Unfortunately, Trevor left his vehicle on the road, so he had to walk and finish! That’s the end of GTA V as a prize, you will get a lot of money, and each character can be played.

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