GTA 5 Review! Still worthed For 2020 Games

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it has been 7 years GTA 5 release. And now, we want to review again about GTA 5 review, is it still worth it? Yes! The Grand Theft Auto series (or familiar as GTA) is an extraordinarily popular game series from developer Rockstar Games. This series started from a 2D open-world game with a top-down camera perspective and it was just ordinary games. While Grand Theft Auto becoming a best open-world 3D game, it becoming the standard for other games with a similar genre. In the fifth series, Rockstar Games shows their ability to present a world that is exciting to be devastated, as well as stories filled with references to things that smell to the social politics and popular culture.

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GTA 5 Review For Playstaion 3 and Xbox360

Here is our GTA 5 review! After a long waiting process, having passion because of a series from screenshots and trailers, Rockstar finally fulfilled the expectations of most gamers around the world. With development costs of more than USD 256 million for production and marketing, GTA 5 finally release for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on 17 September 2013 ago. Through a series of the initial information that was launched, Rockstar itself had claimed that GTA 5 has many innovations, storytelling, and gameplay graphics would make the sensations for this series so far different and unexpected. Here is our opinion about GTA 5 review for PS3 and Xbox360

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Although released for older technology consoles like the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 class, GTA V offers the greatest visualization quality, a broader map area, and stunning detail. Improvements in gameplay also make it easier to enjoy, of course with a few changes that require you to adapt a little. The three-character system and a full of activities becoming us so hard to refuse not to play this game. GTA 5 offers something much better than the previous series. that’s our GTA 5 review

GTA 5 review: Satire!

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Our first GTA 5 review is One of the most exciting things in Grand Theft Auto V is the story itself. The biggest change that you can find here is that there are three characters at the same time who are the main characters. Each character has its own unique characteristics that make the game more interesting. You will be introduced to Michael De Santa, who is a middle-aged man with a problem of depression because of his family who despite being well off can be considered messy. The second character is Franklin Clinton, a young black man who is trying to pursue a career in the criminal path while wanting to get out of his neighborhood. Finally of course Trevor Philips, a middle-aged psychopath and Michael’s gang friend from many years ago.

The relationship between these three characters, as well as their personality, makes Grand Theft Auto V be one of the most interesting stories released in recent years. In addition to a very varied perspective, this game also has very good writing quality and is guaranteed to make you laugh and be more critical. Why is it more critical? Because as I mentioned above, there are a lot of satires and hint to various things related to social and political issues here.

GTA 5 Review : Character Exchange

The second of our GTA 5 review is In addition to adding its own depth in terms of narrative, there are three protagonists character that you can play here. Of course, it also becoming the added value for this game and becoming fun gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V. as long as you control a character, other characters will not just be quiet. It could be that when you are controlling a character and then move to another character, the new character will be busy doing several activities. For example, characters like Trevor, who will suddenly control you in a state of hang-over in the middle of nowhere using only underwear.

Also, don’t forget that you can meet the other protagonists while walking around Los Santos. If this happens, you will be treated to chats that are obviously very interesting to follow. Seeing how dynamic Grand Theft Auto V often makes me amazed with this game. Moreover, it can be released on a machine as old as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and can fit in just one Blu-ray. up to here, do you can imaging this GTA 5 review? it still longer dudes, let’s read more below.

GTA 5 Review: Perfect Gameplay!

The third of our GTA 5 review is Not a new series if Rockstar is not implementing a variety of new mechanics to make GTA V far more perfect when compared with previous GTA series. here I want to create GTA 5 review about their vehicle. One of the most obvious feels there is a change in gameplay mechanics and shooting. Much more comfortable and challenging, you can no longer drive as you please on the big streets of Los Santos. Speed ​​can be your friend or enemy at the same time, with several mechanics that require their own adaptations. Interestingly, the vehicle is now designed to be much more solid. If just a little accident, it will make your vehicle flare up and explode in GTA IV, but no vehicles in GTA V, there are more resilient, to support the achievement of missions.
Another obvious mechanical change is in the side of the action itself when you have to engage in open confrontation with other armed groups. Adapting Max Payne’s motion animation and armed style, you no longer confused with the weapon you want to use. The appearance of the weapon choice will now change in the form of a wheel with a slowing downtime so you will not get significant damage while doing this.

GTA 5 Review: Additional Savegames & Some Fixes

The forth of our GTA 5 review is Rockstar fixes a few small elements that will make the GTA V experience better. For you who are frustrated about repeating a mission from the beginning due to insignificant mistakes, GTA V now presents a checkpoint for every mission you are recently running. You no longer need to go to everything from the start when it failed. Another significant change is the attitude and behavior of the police. You may no longer find police patrolling the roadside or watching your behavior, but believe me, they are now present as a far more significant threat. Enter in fugitive mode, and you will face with a new mechanic that is like playing “hide-and-seek”. No longer disappearing like magic, the police are now equipped with visibility shown in blue corners to help you escape and escape. Hiding until your wanted status gone is the best way to save yourself. AI police are now smarter, so you need extra hard work to make sure you can run away from them.
The broad world will make you drive more on land and spend so much time moving from one point to the main point of the mission, for example. Taxis as a medium of “teleportation” brief are no longer be found, making this process might be boring for some gamers. However, this is what Rockstar injects into another person as their game fans. In addition to the opportunity to enjoy a more detailed world and spoil your eyes, you will also meet a variety of random events if you are lucky. You can meet people who are robbed for example and help them. Or even more significant? You may be in contact with important people who will have a big influence on your financial condition or mission later. Worth the time!

GTA 5 Review: Upgrade Your Weapon

The fifth of our GTA 5 review, Enter the action mode. For those of you who like to fight open, there is always a crack for “have fun” with a little violence. Fortunately, there is Ammu-Nation who is ready to be a warehouse for whatever weapons you need. But not just buying stronger weapons, you also have the opportunity to upgrade each of them to produce more effectively. Adding a flashlight to fight in a dark place, make a more solid grip, or just add the capacity of existing bullets will help you be better prepared when facing any existing conditions. One interesting thing, GTA V not only carries this system but also adds another mechanic – stealth. That’s right, you who want to complete several missions secretly can choose this option.

GTA 5 Review: Different Los Santos

gta 5 map

The sixth of our GTA 5 review, Remember! If you have played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you are quite familiar with the city of Los Santos, which is one of the three cities in the state of San Andreas (with the other two cities being San Fierro and Las Venturas). Grand Theft Auto V will be located in Los Santos again, but don’t expect you to be able to visit the exact same place in GTA: San Andreas, because the Los Santos in this game is different from the Los Santos you know.

Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V is located on an island surrounded by the sea, so somehow Rockstar will connect this city with two other cities. Unlike the previous Grand Theft Auto, and quite similar to GTA: San Andreas, here you can not only walk around the city, but can also climb mountains, explore the forest, and walk in the American-style dessert (so don’t expect a camel yes). A little entertainment too for San Andreas fans, you will find Grove Street Home, aka the alley of CJ’s house from GTA: San Andreas, there are even missions that involve this place too.

One thing that always makes me think about the map while writing about GTA 5 review article, according to Rockstar, the Grand Theft Auto V map is the biggest map in the video game (at least when the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were released), it’s even said that the map of this game is bigger than the combined map of Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA IV. However, when playing GTA 5 review, I feel that the world I explored in GTA: San Andreas is bigger than GTA V. Either because of the more cities or maybe because San Andreas is more able to give the illusion of a greater place than GTA V.

The excitement and feel of the adventure that I felt when exploring GTA: San Andreas is more interesting than GTA V, but it still can’t be denied that Los Santos in GTA V is a pretty exciting place to explore. How exciting? Starting from doing insanities such as racing or anarchist action, to just seeing the scenery or cycling up the mountain looking for ghosts, everything is very fun to spend your free time (or even to spend your busy time).

Let’s Play The Game!

The Seventh of our GTA 5 review is The Grand Theft Auto series has always been a controversy because this game always puts you in the eyes of a criminal. Not only are your characters involved in the criminal world, but the support characters in this series are also not far from the dark side of life. In Grand Theft Auto V you will meet with supporting characters from various backgrounds, ranging from celebrities who are trapped in wild sex life and illegal drugs and always being followed by reporters who justify any means to get exclusive news about the celebrity, Hollywood officials (here named Vinewood) whose business is very tangible with criminals, car dealers who commit credit fraud to their customers, to corrupt police who also often do illegal things just for the sake of promotion and worldly wealth alone. At a glance, you can say the character roles in this game really reminded me of another cool open-world game, Sleeping Dogs.

Of course, because you always deal with humans as above, you will be always forced to do activities that criminal smell. Here you can do crossfire with no-hassle control (there is an option to aim automatically but not too easy for the game), an exciting racing action on the highway, river, forest, or even the air, to the action of sneaking like a ninja (the ends will end with a blind fight too).

One of the coolest gameplay parts in Grand Theft Auto V is the Heist Mission. In this mission, your characters will give the task of collecting materials such as stealing a garbage truck and leaving the truck in a safe place, monitoring the target’s location to find a good escape gap, and so on. In the Heist mission, you will be required to actively use all three characters in accordance with their respective functions. Not only exciting, but this Heist mission is also very interesting because every time you complete it, your character will receive a very high payment from these missions.

Overall, taking illegal action in Grand Theft Auto V is still as exciting as in previous GTA games. Even so, the many things that can be done in this game often make me prefer to live peacefully and carry out positive activities in Los Santos rather than behave like a horrible crazy psychopath.

GTA V Online

gta 5 online

The most important about GTA 5 review is, besides you playing alone using the three available characters, you can also play using your own character in Grand Theft Auto: Online. In this one mode, you can explore the exact same map, but with very, very different activities. You can buy a vehicle to display on the road and keep it in a private garage, or you can just steal a vehicle on the road to just go from one place to another.

Apart from just doing whatever you want to do with unclear ways, you can also carry out various competitive or cooperative missions with other GTA: Online players. The mission is quite varied and very exciting to do. Starting from standard races, races with weapons like Mario Kart, shootouts in teams, or also kill each other like a deathmatch or royal rumble. Cool again, specifically for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you will also be presented with a special mission where the camera is locked in a first-person perspective and you have to deal with your opponents like playing Call of Duty or Counter-Strike.

The Different Generation

The Eight of our GTA 5 review is Usually when it comes to re-releasing games from past generations to the current generation, I will only praise higher resolution or better frame rates. Actually, it also applies to GTA V, but the difference is, even if changes in performance, this game also offers a new feature that makes the user experience change dramatically. The new feature I mean is a feature to change the camera’s perspective from third-person to first-person.

in this GTA 5 review, Changing the camera’s perspective may sound simple, but in fact to realize this kind of work a lot of work needs to be done, from new objects and animations that have to be made, to adjusting controls so that games in the first-person mode are not considered as modes broken. Unfortunately, my experience playing GTA V with a first-person perspective is arguably a bit disappointing.

Actually disappointing or not it all depends on what your goals and expectations are playing the first-person mode. If your goal is only to consider this mode as a gimmick, then this first-person mode is quite fun at least to just do stupid things with a new perspective. But if you hope to finish this game and play 100% in a first-person perspective like Far Cry 4, good luck. Because you could say the world and the missions in GTA V are really designed with third-person cameras as a standard, so obviously there are quite a lot of missions and activities that are very very difficult to do with a first-person camera.

In addition to increased performance and also first-person features, GTA V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also get some additional content in the game. New content that you can find is spread from a variety of weapons and new vehicles, an increase in the maximum number of players in one mode in GTA Online, as well as a variety of new missions and events that can occur in the game.

For those of you who play GTA V with PlayStation 4, you are also presented with a cool new minor thing. What I mean is the sound that comes out when your character is chatting using a cellphone. If a normal chat will produce sound in a normal speaker, then the chat on the cellphone will sound out from the speakers in your DualShock 4. As I mentioned, this is indeed very minor, but it can provide its own realistic feel that can enhance the playing experience.

Some of you might be wondering if it’s worth it enough to repeat the GTA V game if you’ve previously played the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version just to be able to feel the first-person camera? Honestly, it’s not worth it at all. If you are really curious about this first-person camera, my advice is to try it for a while at your relatives’ place or if you have a rental. Because chances are you will feel bored with this first-person mode a few tens of minutes after trying it.

That’s all our GTA 5 review, so what do you think ? is it still worth to play?

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