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linkcube Media is the collaboration between hobbies, media, and technology. Linkcube provides game news websites, Video games news and rumors, video games news articles, PC gaming news, and news game, We are gaming geek since 2005. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.

Most online media are built as part of the development of media companies, or built by media people, or are technology companies. But linkcube is actually built by young people who like to play games, follow the current news of the world of games, and as the world of the internet.

Starting from creating an online store that sells video games over the internet, then evolved and developed into a news site to share, so this site always updated about the current news of games and technology today.

We are not the first but we have a new dream of developing this site because we are creative: How to present real information, good to read and good to enjoy. On the world wide web (www) that is very broad, there needs to be information that must be true, quickly presented, quickly accessible, and accurate.

Linkcube site is a www organization, an organization that lives on the internet – which it’s developers live, work, and invited to chat on the internet – and even earn for living for their families from the internet. The internet is lives, evolves, and inspires, where the linkcube is a part of it and contributes to the internet world.

The color in the linkcube logo is orange which means the spirit in represent news or information, not bounding by certain understandings or specific interests. The basic with white color is basis underlies the intention to always be on the right track, not on your own. The goal is to become a media that can be accessed by millions of people through technology, or without restrictions.

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